Hi! I’m Brittney Rose, a wife to an amazing husband,  (who is an awesome photographer in Northeast Florida) a mom to two beautiful kids who rock my world [and keep me on my toes], a co-business owner and event planner for Atlantic Coast Events [my business partner is my mom, talk about a dynamic duo…we bring creativity a whole new meaning] and a ‘say it like it is’ kind of girl! This blog will be a lot like life…..a beautiful ‘hot mess’ as I like to call it. There will be posts about photoshoots, DIY projects, food and rambles about the [crazy] life of a photographers wife.

If we plan on being blog friends here are a few more things that would be beneficial for you to know:

My husband, Logan, and I got married on February 14th  2009. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how romantic’, right? Well in all honesty, we chose this date so he wouldn’t forget our anniversary, and it’s worked like a charm so far. Our wedding was very romantic though and we even took dance lessons for 7 months beforehand to learn the dance from Dirty Dancing [favorite movie time!!! This is a whole other can of worms, which we will absolutely discuss another time…I’m somewhat of a favorite movie nut!!] and we pulled it off!!!! Now, Logan’s no Patrick Swayze, but he is a pretty good dancer if I do say so myself. We love to dance and dance like no one’s watching [even when people are watching] We are full of love with a passion for life and look at every situation as an opportunity to learn something new. We love our kids more than anything in the world and strive to make them a part of everything that we do. We love do it yourself projects [though i’m not sure DIY projects love us] and always have a project going on at our house. We enjoy hanging out with friends [when I can schedule it] and love to host parties! Logan is passionate about photography, and is very talented. In June of 2012 we started Logan Rose Photography. It’s opened up many opportunities in our lives and we’ve met some amazing people. We tag team everything,  he’s behind the camera [most of the time] and I handle the scheduling, edits and uploads to our website. This system works amazing for us and we truly enjoy working together. We host mini sessions throughout the year [both themed and regular] which are always a big hit [Atlantic Coast Events, aka my mom, Julie and I get our creative juices flowing for the props and settings for the mini sessions] We try to post sneak peeks of all of our themed mini sessions. After all, we do have two adorable kids that are very photogenic [and let’s be honest, I want tons of cute pictures of my kids too]. Lyla is full of life [and  spunk] very stylish, she knows exactly what she wants, and stays focused until she gets it [those dimples and that smile play a big part too]. Gavin is as sweet as can be and is super laid back, I’m his biggest fan and intend to keep it that way as long as I can [I’m sure he won’t mind me as his prom date in high school, right?] They both have the cutest cheeks, dimples and smiles. Enough about my entire world……here’s a tid bit about me:

I love boiled peanuts and make a pot of them almost every weekend while they are in season

If a Michael Jackson song comes on the radio, I can’t help myself and will sing at the top of my lungs and dance like no ones watching, regardless of where I am

I make up silly songs and sing them all the time. Photography clients, you know you love my songs! [a smile warms the heart, so why not act silly every once in a while?]

I love Christmas movies and start watching them in June every year [a snippet of the movie topic above…it gets worse though…trust me on this]

I watch the Sprout and the Disney Channel after my kids are in bed

This is our life! It gets crazy, it gets hectic and is full of laughs….but it will always remain beautiful to me.! The memories we create are forever cherished<3

Life is like a camera…..FOCUS on what’s important, CAPTURE the good times, DEVELOP from the negatives, and if things don’t work out….Take another SHOT

~Author Unknown~

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